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comment Returning Back from the Productivity Nap
If you miss naps you're obviously going to be tired, but I haven't found it to be a debilitating tiredness. If I have a whole day event typically I won't do my evening nap the day before and will sleep longer in the night.
comment Returning Back from the Productivity Nap
I started experimenting in Feb '11 and tried the full uberman sleep schedule of 20minute naps 6 times a day. This was a hard lifestyle as you needed to sleep at anti-social hours. You could nap at 6pm and head out with friends, but you needed to nap again at 10pm which just wasn't possible. I played around with various schedules and ended with something that suited my lifestyle. Mid April '11 I started my current schedule. I nap at lunch (1pm) for 30 minutes, again after dinner (7pm) and full sleep from 3:30am to 8:30am. Depending on how hard I'm working I may extend my evening nap to 1 hour.
comment How to become a fast learner?
That is like people who are overweight who think they have a glandular problem. There are certainly people who have underlying medical issues that may impair performance, but that is not the norm and you shouldn't allow yourself to use that as a crutch. If you think there is something wrong, go get checked out; meanwhile you may also like to put in a bit more effort.