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Developer of the online weekly planner Week Plan inspired by the 7 habits of highly effective people and GTD.

comment How do I make myself stop doing addictive activity?
Joshua, although my specific examples might not work for your specific situation, I believe the rule "Make it hard to indulge in your bad habit" still holds true. In your case, it may mean using a Google Chrome extension that blocks certain websites during certain time ranges. But your question seems a bit different: "how do I stay focused on my tasks for long periods of time". Look at Pomodoro maybe?
comment Tracking a list of ideas and side projects
Maybe you are lacking a sense of direction that would help you get the drive to take on a specific project to make progress towards your goals? Have a look at the 7 habits, it is a good read and you will learn how to get closer to your values / goals.
comment Simple program with subtasks
How do answers #2 by Kyth and #3 by Jon Malcolm fit the requirements? When someone asks for a specific app, I think linking to the website and letting him know what it does "Simple list of list of list of stuff" should not be downvoted (you can ask for more details, but not a downvote as the answer is actually useful)
comment any apps to help maintain 'end of day' journal, to keep track of the work done?
Shazbaz, the web app weekplan allows you to manage your tasks and enter journal entries.
comment How do you manage stress and anxiety when you have dozens of things to do, even If they are organised in detail?
Roberto, "First Things First" is actually very practical, i have developed a web app based on the princicples in the book: weekplan.net
comment How do you manage stress and anxiety when you have dozens of things to do, even If they are organised in detail?
Yes, I agree with Dennis. Ultimately you need to say NO to certain things. 7 Habits explains that by saying that you should show integrity, don't commit to things you can't fulfill.
comment Where can I find references on good office design?
Have you checked out books on Feng Shui maybe?
comment How to notate that a task can't be started until a separate task is completed in GTD
Yes I think subtasks solve this problem elegantly.
comment Looking for printable daily organizer/planner/scheduler for 2013
No, but the alternative might work for them if he/she doesn't find the exact format he/she wants.
comment What are the weaknesses of the GTD system?
I know that GTD has some sections related to higher level vision and goals BUT they are not core to the GTD methodology, they feel like "extras". You need a lot of discipline to keep track of them because they are not visible in your system.
comment Do's and Don'ts in 5 min Break
great suggestions.