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comment Do gaming peripherals (mice & keyboards) increase productivity of general computer tasks?
I was more arguing for the principle with a proof of concept than for this mouse. I would test any mouse I buy in a store first (might be only me, but I need a mouse that fits my hand), then look whether you can configure it this way. Given Lion, (un)fortunately the Logitech Mouse still works and I am still using Snow Leopard (have to change soon), so I cannot recommend another mouse, sorry. As for Steer Mouse, according to their website it should run on 10.7 (i.e., Lion).
comment What books are helpful when I'm in a rut, creativity and productivity-wise?
Is the issue more that the work-life is draining energy to be creative (which would lead to books helping one to rethink the job or the direction life is taking), or that the projects just seem so overwhelming and you do not know where to start, which project to select, or how to manage the creative work?
comment How effective is the Dvorak keyboard at improving productivity?
If you think about trying Dvorak out, take care to find out how your password for your screensaver and login are typed with the Dvorak keyboard. If you have only the password line you cannot see which button you really press, so you might need the Dvorak keyboard layout on another device to access your computer again. Yup, personal xp and somewhat productivity related. ;-)
comment How to beat the “Too Long Didn't Read” syndrome?
Regarding reading literature? I'd do a search for articles that deal with reading literature in the domain/field you are working in (e.g., there are articles about how to read a paper in social psychology). Regarding academic work, I've got a literature list on my blog:… (part of a presentation about organizing an academic work)