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In my previous life I have always been a back-end MS Windows C++/C# (90/10) developer working with various recording, streaming and analytics servers. Lots of COM/DCOM, multithreading with emphasis on performance (CPU, disk/network I/O, memory footprint...), scalability and reliability.

Since November 11, 2012 (same day I started drinking coffee), I have been with Carbon Black, an awesome startup in the InfoSec space that will make the world a safer place. My current role is an Enterprise Server Engineering Lead, which primarily involves Python/Java (75/25) development with lots of open-source packages all running on Linux (CentOS/RedHat).

I have a strong passion for building quality software. I'm also a huge proponent of Agile/Lean methodologies and always advocate for iterative approaches, continuous improvement and an ideal that the only constant in what we do should be change.

Back when I used to have a 40-hour job, I started a GitHub project, which still has some of my code. Unfortunately, these days that had to go to the back burner.

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