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I'm now working for a group out of Plano, doing primarily front-end work for mobile and online banking for credit unions. Time for me to get involved in the local user groups!

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You probably want to gmail me if you need me directly. If I have to tell you what gmail address to guess at, you're not trying hard enough.

Everything else can be found at http://jcolebrand.info or http://about.me/jcolebrand

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comment How to organize and analyze structured data without building entire database applications?
So, I'm a programmer, and I think like a programmer, and you're asking how to manage data on the fly, as a programmer would. Javascript. It does everything you want, let's you do foreach-loops to find stuff that match, and is fairly straightforward. You can pair it with mongo or couch or any of a half dozen technologies to store "document databases" (what you want) and query each without having to learn lots of complicated shiz. Just something to consider, but I'm a programmer, so I think in terms of programming.