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comment recover from depression
+1. From the question, it looks like the OP and the girl in question is Indian... from use of words like conservative parents, 'marks', tenth standard etc. I am Indian too, and not only are we depressed, we ignore it too. See this article, though I do not agree with the reasons provided for it. @CodeJack I hope your friend's situation improves. Going to a doctor is the best thing in such a case.
comment Is it possible to train to sleep less?
I have found doing physical activity regularly has another effect: you can sleep whenever you want. So when some people take 15 minutes to fall into sleep for a 20 minute power-nap, you will take about 2-3 mins for it.
comment How would you move forward in my situation?
+1: don't wait for (opportunities) to come to you, seek out the new opportunities, even you need to start them yourself.
comment How can I prevent switching constantly from one task to another?
@Subb. When dividing a project into atomic tasks, it is important that the tasks should not be divisible, but (for me) it is even more important that they should not be interdependent. If there are 3 interdependent tasks that are supposed to take 1 hour each, there are two approaches. 1. Do them one by one, while getting confused and switching in between; and 2. Complete the tasks as a single task, with switching whenever required. The second approach ensures that you do the whole thing within 3 hours. The first one extends this time mostly, and the confusion can lead to mistakes as well.
comment How can I improve reading speed and comprehension?
+1: this surely works. Though I don't go into so many passes, bootstrapping with a quick run over the whole document/academic paper/webpage makes the whole process a lot faster. Also this works not only for speed but for understanding too!
comment How can I succeed in remembering people's names?
@Dmitry Selitskiy..... its a good thing you pointed out. While not relaying any part from the page, I have made an edit to my answer to include a basic summary.