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Synclio is hiring Python code sharks in Chennai, India

Freelancing SE is in public beta! If you're a contractor, freelancer, or are self-employed, check it out and share interesting questions with your followers and colleagues.


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Manage Feedback with LoopTodo

Feedback Management:

Manage Feedback with LoopTodo, which is a lightweight feedback management tool designed to make it easier to collect, sort, prioritize, and respond to user feedback. With this tool, you can also create tasks based on feedback received.

We're interested to get some early feedback on how this will help your business. In fact, we're eating our own dogfood. We use LoopTodo to manage feedback for this product.

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Business Phone System

revised How do you abandon a task that isn't worthwhile?
put question from title in the first paragraph so this flows better and title isn't topic sentence; fixed spelling errors; fixed formatting of numbers; added whitespace and punctuation; fixed grammar
revised What method(s) can I undertake to ensure I get the most possible information from a book when I read it?
edited the question title so it matches the actual question; this will make it grab the reader's interest quicker, for instance, when the post gets Tweeted or shared in social media
revised Breaking down a task when it is large consisting of tiny subtasks
fixed a spelling issue, and fixed some other grammatical issues as well
revised Is it ever better to keep working on a problem until its done and not sleep?
fixed grammar and spelling; removed plea for any thoughts/advice and refocused the question on an actual question.
revised When is the best time to drink the first coffee of the day?
this question got a great answer, but contained an answer in the question and some meta-commentary, so I made some edits to help focus it on just the question itself. Hope this helps!
revised Method for keeping the most of a bibliographic work?
fixed the grammar, runon sentences, added paragraphs, and removed redundant words
revised Tips to get back a healthy “Early to bed,early to rise regime”
fixed the problems with the grammar, misuse of semicolons and commas, runon sentences, and misuse of question marks