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comment How can I get myself to go to sleep when I know I should?
My personal preference would be to just go to sleep when I can't stay awake any longer. But this ultimately means that I continually stay up later until I am actually going to sleep in the morning. And since I am not Howard Hughes living in my bedroom in a Vegas casino, I have to adapt my sleep to the world. But surprisingly, I read that most people would do this as well if, for example on a submarine without clocks. They would stay up more than 24 hours. Anyway, I think I have melatonin does have an affect on me with regard to sleeping. The other suggestion is to read a technical book.
comment Typing versus Handwriting for recall
@BilltheLizard Thanks for the reply!
comment Typing versus Handwriting for recall
It seems like the these studies with regard to writing/typing are about learning a language. What about learning in general? If I am studying car repair do I get a benefit from writing versus typing my notes??