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comment How can I list down website passwords for better productivity?
Admittedly there's some level of trust required, but if you consider the business model, it's of no advantage to either company to start stealing passwords. Their livelihood depends on people believing their software is secure and continuing to purchase it. Also, LastPass encrypts the data browser-side with Javascript which is, by nature, transparent and audit-able. 1Password has a very good reputation and very good documentation about their encryption methodology. If you're still not satisfied, you can use an open source solution like Keypass (mentioned in the previous comment).
comment GTD application that syncs with iCal
Unfortunately, Things has disabled Reminders (iCal) Export in the latest version. The sync is now only one-way: Reminders -> Things. They provide a full explanation here:
comment Putting limits on one's time online
I believe many Linksys routers are capable of this. A quick Google search led me to the Linksys model: WRT120N. The user manual for this model describes a time-based Internet Access Policy. As for myself, I use a Linksys WRT54G, on which I've installed the custom firmware, "DD-WRT" ( This firmware also includes such Internet Access restriction options, and it can be installed on many router models. I would only recommend this if you're comfortable "hacking" your device, as the installation process does come with some risks.