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comment Work at Home vs at the Office
Thanks. I have finally chose office for work, moved to same room with my colleagues and my productivity raised tremendously. I worked on my sleeping habit to wake up soon in the morning and the evening/night is reserved for home/relaxation/social activities. The notebook is used at home in case of emergency :)
comment Work at Home vs at the Office
Thanks. I probably need to learn how to follow a schedule - I am very sensitive when it comes to organizing what to do every day, because I fear of days when I would have to so something according to schedule, which I hate...
comment What to do when tired instead of surfing the internet?
@nayrb I've recently read the book "The Power of Full Engagement". It reveals how to fully engage in work and fully disengage then. The motto is: Life is not a marathon, it is a series of sprints. So they recommend to achieve your best at work, do a little more, and then recover. Just like when you are training your muscles. Going little over the top and then recovery fully is the key. Surfing web simply cannot be taken as a form of relaxation when you don't feel refreshed after doing that. My own experience:)