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Co-founder of Orbeon, developing Orbeon Forms: web forms, open source, for the enterprise. Passionate about technology, and how it improves the world.

comment Daily ToDo list + Visual long term planning
@JanDoggen I am not sure poster has a problem distinguishing between "urgent" and "important but not urgent" tasks. Instead I think she/he is looking for a system to avoid just doing what is urgent, and mostly ignoring what is important but not urgent.
comment Highlight sentence feature with text-to-speech (Mac OSX)
OK understood, and thank you for the clarification.
comment Highlight sentence feature with text-to-speech (Mac OSX)
I gather from your question that, since you already had a solution for OS X (the Apple built-in TTS, which I also use a lot), you must have been looking for a similar solution for Android. But then, you mention ChromeVox, which is only for desktop and ChromeOS. Did you find something similar that you can use with Chrome on Android?
comment Simple program with subtasks
@RoryAlsop IMHO, if you think a question is incomplete because it only mentions a product without describing it well enough, it is more productive for you to edit that answer to make it better, than to down-vote the answer.