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I am Ken, I started programming more than 30 years ago. I am also 25 years*, young* and handsome*, in my mind, but reality tries to ruin that illusion for me.

My favorite computer all-time was the Amiga. We where happily married for 10 years doing 68k assembler together. My human girlfriend finally left. But then Amiga died (almost). I am now married to a human woman, she's a model* (in case she should read this) and I work** mostly in JavaScript (and .net).

I am also author of these fine, free and open-source projects - and don't be shy: feel free to check these babies out and star them if you like them. Follow me and I'll follow you back (we might have to walk in a circle):

Lightweight all-purpose undo-redo stack for JavaScript

A.. hue-wheel for the browser (or a nice looking color-picker)

PNG file parser in JS, information extractor, decoder, raw bitmaps etc.

A nice looking roundish smooth line-thing for canvas.

Useful if you want to transform (2D) points into absolute values.

Blur things in canvas very fast.

Port communication system for custom objects in JavaScript

Can you guess?

And many others at github.com/epistemex

*) I wish
**) sort of..