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comment App that has attachments and comments to tasks?
I was going to recommend Toodledo, which meets all the requirements, but does cost $5/mo to do so. That said, the OP didn't specify free, so it might fit! Evernote does have a TODO type checkbox system that could conceivably be used with dates and a saved search to show TODO items.
comment App that has attachments and comments to tasks?
I'm guessing, based on the phrase "when I get to class" that you are looking for an application on your computer rather than an online app? Or an online app that has offline access?
comment Like Evernote but with multiple levels of directory structure (notebooks)
The standard answer here is that I, like others, haven't experienced a condition where tags and tag intersections aren't at least as powerful as folders. It just takes getting used to. Assuming you disagree, then perhaps OneNote? There are many, many other tools for this...what OS are you using? Do you need mobile support?
comment In Pomodoro Technique - How to deal w/ really quick interruptions
Difficult, yes. Impossible, no. Otherwise the question could be rephrased as "How do I have uninterrupted Pomodoro sessions if I must allow myself to be interrupted?" :)
comment Always sleepy, tired and not focused
Tea overload (assuming you are talking a tea with caffeine rather than a tisane) can happen as well, it just takes more cups of tea to get the same amount of caffeine.
comment What is the most radical productivity technique that you successfully use?
Depends. I work in an office environment managing a team: I talked to my boss, explained why using other methods was more productive, and it has worked out. Obviously won't work for everyone, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility outright if one's job isn't to actually answer the phone :)