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comment How do you go about preparing for your talk?
@Leafy I made an edit
comment How to keep focus in a loud environment?
It was already discussed here
comment Personal workflow management web/mobile app with networking capabilities
@foampile I edited my answer to explain more about it if you have specific question I can add some more explanation.
comment How to prevent neck and shoulder stress without leading to reduced blood flow and nerve compression on elbow and forearm due to armrest use?
In my experience (I am not a doctor but I teach pilates and have contact with people with the posture problems) the most problems comes from injuries, the most injuries could be prevented by regular exercises and healthy lifestyle. To damage nerve or muscles someone would need to stay on twisted, very uncomfortable position for hours during the day probably for months. If you keep your position reasonably comfortable, change quite often and do exercises you very unlikely to damage your nerves or muscles.
comment Loud conversations in workplace
Totally agree. The type to choose is all about preferences. I also read long time ago about interference of classic music with brain waves frequencies and how much classic influence is in Metal, although not sure how true it was
comment Is stress a good thing?
Oh yeah, definitely not all stress is beneficial. I never wanted to say that. Only what strikes me is that our society always takes stress as a negative factor. I think, that in many cases, more often than it is thought, stress can be seen as a positive factor. It is not comfortable for an individual, but for a long development it is necessary. You write that circumstances lower the ability to handle stress. Is it so? What if we are taken to hash environment and have to used to it. Do we get tough?
comment Is stress a good thing?
Great answer, very close to my opinion. Now, you claim that the threshold depends upon an individual, is it really the case? Is the same individual capable bare the same stress in different environment. What if he is in society where stress is negative only? what if is in society where stress is expected and he's resistance to stress is somehow seen as a strength of the individual. Now following this way of thinking, can we manage stress only by modelling our way of thinking, by accepting it as a progressive good thing?
comment Is stress a good thing?
Thanks for your reply @John. I am not sure what you want to say. Correct me if I am wrong but Eustress is just idiomatic name meaning 'good stress' Distress is not 'bad stress' but inability to adapt. In my case I have external pressure and external stress. Everyone around say we need to reduce stress, but I need stress to be effective. The problem is I don't like stress. How it work for you?
comment What is the way to improve higher level English
Thank you very much @Penguin_Knight for your post. I have to say, very good insight. I would like to refer to rules, over-thinking etc. I coming from non Latin language and some rules and exceptions which maybe are obvious in English does not necessary make sense for me. I write a sentence and after start to analyse if it is correct. On the end I finish with the sentence which is much worst that the first one. And time... that's so bad that a day has only 24 hours :( One more time thanks, specially for links
comment What is the way to improve higher level English
Thank you @Joe. Probably very good advise in 'normal' case. I think, problem is that I read every day. I need to read stuff which is published in my subject, every day I read new things, and here comes a flow. I have to read are in English but... Most of it are news in the internet written all over the word where English is not the first language. Another set of words comes from journal again written in English but somewhere where English is only thought or maybe even not. Every day I have contact with English text but most of it is written with grammar I would't like to have as mine.