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comment Loud conversations in workplace
Which type of music fits depends purely on the person, I think. For example, I am listening to Metal (Symphonic) if I want to block out office noise and "get into the zone". I'm using noise-cancelling in-ear headphones and can adjust the volume easily to drown out everything else. As to tempo and rythm I think that Symphonic Metal is actually great, because there are slow passages with gentle singing as well as fast paced, aggressive passages. It's all about personal taste, I presume.
comment Why am I wired to be motivated to go to work everyday and not motivated to do other things?
This may very well be the reason, although there may be other reasons then stress. Perhaps you just want to alywas make a good impression on people, by never being late or not working as hard as you could. When you are alone, there's nobody to "judge" your performance and thus you lack the proper motivation.