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comment Getting things done in an environment with constant, unavoidable interruptions
I use Monster Turbine that can be found on Amazon for about hundred bucks, but I recommend buying "SuperTip Starter Kit" for best results.
comment Coffee: good or bad for work?
So to answer your question, after some reading, many studies has demonstrated that regular coffee consumers show better performance at work. Caffeine seem to stop the decrease of performance as time past at work. However, that is only true for moderate consumption of caffeine.
comment Coffee: good or bad for work?
The first one from science direct is free since it is an Elsevier production. However, from springer it might be difficult to found it without paying. If you had been to university, you might be able to grab it from here. I have read the first one rapidly and I think it answer perfectly your question. Caffein increase alertness, some time it also increase anxiety. It slightly increase performance of the brain but not the sensory functions. You really should read it, it also give a lot of others ressources to read.