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comment Which contents are suitable for learning from listening
Hi Ahmad, yes they do! They're basically full books (regular books that you could buy in a bookshop) that have been read out by someone and recorded. They have this for both fiction and non-fiction books so you can choose whichever topic most suits your needs. My favourite source for these is Audible. They actually have a science & technology section here: audible.com/cat/Science-Technology-Audiobooks/2226657011
comment What is the efficient way to remember things we read?
+1 This is so true - start with Why! :)
comment How to cope with absentmindedness?
+1 for becoming familiar with the process through checklists - you have to 'Practice perfect', doing things the 'right' way (as per the title of the book). If you do it over and over the right way (by following a checklist for every point), it will become an engrained practice in your mind. For forgetting the names of the banks on the envelopes for example, I would take some time and sit down to write the potential addresses you need a large number of times by hand. When you come to do it again, you won't even have to think about it.