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Relevant for this page: Experience with Java, C/C++, OpenMP, MPI, Python, Lua Oh, and LaTeX, of course :)

Student of Computer Science and Physics at RWTH Aachen University.

comment How to spend less time in compositions correction?
Back in my day in school, our language teachers would never write the corrections near each mistake, because that's the student's job to figure out. Just mark what type of mistake it is and I can figure the rest out: Is it a spelling mistake? I can look it up in a dictionary. Is it the wrong tense? The wrong word? The wrong gender? Just telling me THAT it is wrong will often be enough to tell me WHAT is wrong and what should have been the correct answer.
comment Can a project have multiple next actions?
If you want to be super-nerdy, you can say that if you'd draw a graph of all predecessor-successor relationships in your project you'd get an "directed acyclic graph", and your next actions are all the nodes in that graph that don't have a predecessor :)