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A Hyper Productivity Seeker. Believe that people can be 10 times more productive than they are just by tweaking the way they do an activity a little bit to fully utilize their body and mind. Keep seeking factors for a person to be more productive. It started from just me. After 3 years of seeking these factors, I get to know my great people (i.e. Natty, Roofimon, Tanawat) who shares the same passion, helps me find more factors, shares with the others. That's awesome! Thanks all! Let's be more productive! :D

comment What do you do while eating?
+1 for -- "A buddhist perspective would be: when you work, work; when you eat, eat."
comment If after a few weeks/months I forget a topic which I studied in the past, does it mean that I never understood it in the first place?
+1 Loci Method.
comment Which is more productive: doing lots of work in parallel or one by one?
@Anwar, is this question asking about trying to do one thing with different approaches or trying to do many things concurrently? The 3 paragraphs in the description suggests the former but the title suggests the latter to me.