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Creator of www.Planzu.com.

www.planzu.com is a GTD oriented productivity web app I've written to incorporate GTD for myself.

Current features include list building, context organizing, projects brainstorming with outcome focus.

It is in the rough cut stage but currently useful enough for every day use on from mobile to desktop.

Have a look and contact me at manuel@planzu.com if you're interested in trying it out.

comment How to remember things you don't often use?
THis is refrence ma
comment problems with programming
You're very welcome. An upvote and check answered would be nice too ;-)
comment How to “do it now”?
I've heard that even just going out to get coffee and coming back home works.
comment How to structure content in a private wiki where information grows naturally?
whats the first thing you would change about Evernote?
comment How to prevent tiredness of last days of a research project
One way of dealing with this is to talk to your professor and let your prof know where you stand. Even if you do not like what the prof might have to say at least you know where you stand and what your options are.This should relieve you from the stress of the unknown
comment How to deal with vague tasks?
Any creative endeavor ultimately breaks down to specific physical actions. "Put pen to paper", "Call theater for audition appointment", "Play instrument", "Write code" The question is, are you prepared to do those physical actions? Do you have pen and paper in hand? Do you have the theater contact info? Have you got a playable instrument? Is your computer equipped with a software development environment? Have you written down things to accomplish when doing any of these?
comment Does military background enhance productivity?
I agree that though this is an interesting question it is not a good fit for this site. There are too many other variables in the mix of peoples backgrounds to singly select military experience as an enhancement. While there are many benefits, there may be just as many drawbacks such as group-think, the hesitation to act without orders, a hierarchical structure and bureaucracy.
comment How to know if I'm being too slow in a project with a GTD system?
GTD is not in itself more context based. It simply acknowledges that some events or actions have a fixed time frame and others do not. It is not the framework or workflow that dictates these. It is the particular requirements of the work that dictate the time frame. David Allen uses the analogy of landscaping. There is hard landscaping which are immovable objects such as pavement and structures. There is also soft landscaping with movable objects such as dirt, plants, and flowers.
comment What is the best way to improve English vocabulary?
+1 for toastmasters. The people in the groups I have attended have always been supportive and helpful
comment What is the better approach to studying?
I edited for clarity, though I did want to preserve the nature of the question.
comment How to keep up with a todo application?
@RobDel I am curious about what the gap is between the obvious practices and your quest for a more useful answer. If you are following the obvious practices on a regular basis where are the pain points?
comment What are the (dis)advantages of Mindmap software?
Why limit yourself to 3 directions? ;-)
comment How to become productive on the weekends?
Don't discount therapy. It can be an effective method of treatment for an unhealthy belief system.
comment How to keep up with a todo application?
I agree that these ideas are obvious to the initiated. People have been implementing these practices for centuries. David Allen describes GTD as radical common sense. My hope is to inform those at the start of the quest. Those who chose to seek answers here. I have the problems staying current too. I believe a big part of the problem is that the current generation of productivity apps are not inherently designed to habitualize practices necessary to stay current. Until one comes along, I cope. Earnest implementation of the obvious is often more effective than the discovery of a clever idea.
comment How to keep up with a todo application?
I added to my answer in response to your feedback. Thanks!
comment What have been published about a real person changing his life from passiveness and laziness to vitality and activeness in the long term?
If it was as easy as wanting to do it we'd all be doing it all the time.There is something beyond just wanting. There is a question buried in here. Granted its not well formed. But I would guess it is something like this. How do you bridge the gap between timidity and daring? You can vision, clarify, organize and reflect all you want, but how do you actually jump into action? You have to be willing to be vulnerable. You have to be willing to face risk and put yourself out there. You can't know how much defeat or victory is in store but understand you need both.Read Darring Greatly:Berne BRown
comment How do I avoid interrupting my work on task assignments to improve my skills and workflow?
The first step is to ditch the negativity, judgement and shaming and approach your work from a positive direction.
comment How do you handle a workday after a bad night sleep?
Just a thought. When you can't sleep, try writing in a journal. Write down anything and everything that is on your mind. Perhaps the act of externalizing everything that is cycling through your mind will keep you from looping through your thoughts over and over.
comment How can I develop a system to question deeper motivations?
There are good answers to this question. There are methods that when applied can help a person gain clarity about why they are doing what they are doing. An important aspect in productivity is to understand why we do what we do, why we own what we own and why we shouldn't do things or own things that don't fulfill our ultimate purpose in life. I think you get tied up in psychology which involve various theories about physiology and the subconscious. Maybe taking a step down from that and focusing on something practical would mitigate the problems with scope.
comment Should you start a pomodoro for a meeting if part of your job is to dial into and participate in meetings?
Jan is right, If you are attending the meeting your focus should be on whether or not you actually belong in the meeting and how you can best play with the team to achieve the purpose of the meeting. Doing these two things ensures the best use of your time.