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My name is Maziar Aboualizadeh, and I am a self-motivated engineer with 5+ years of experience in Software Development and Software/Database Design. Most of my professional projects has been executed by C# and MS SQL Server and a fewer number of them was in Linux environment and executed in Java, PHP and MySQL.

In my view, everyone can learn programming languages and technologies but a good engineer need two main characteristics to get succeed, "Critical Thinking" and "Teamwork".

My background in Web Development is mostly including ASP.net MVC and PHP, but as a full stack developer you need to be at least semi-professional in Javascript, Jquery (including frameworks), HTML5 and CSS to handle today's web projects.

Recent software project I am involved in it is http://www.thecn.com. Software designer and Software consultant can be a clear definition of my duties at CourseNetworking.

Specialties: * Programming: C#.NET, LINQ, C/C++, Java, Android * Web Development: ASP.NET MVC, HTML, CSS, Javascript,Jquery, PHP, Yii * Database: MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite * Other: Linux Server, OODP, SDLC

Feel Free to Contact_ ✆ 317-909-3637 ✉ mabouali@iupui.edu

comment How to cancel out caffeine's effects on sleep?
try yogurt one hour before sleep time. try reading a short story or news and so on from the paper materials such as books or newspaper.
comment While learning any new programming language, is it a myth to use a basic text editor instead of an IDE to learn concepts?
What's your purpose of learning this new language. just for yourself or a certain commercial project or as a skill to be used in your future career?
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