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I'm a continually-learning developer who is always looking at new ideas and trying new tools and techniques.

comment Time-tracking software to measure when I'm active or idle on my computer (i.e., keystrokes being pressed and mouse moving)?
I agree, RescueTime is a very effective tool for tracking usage patterns, and seeing where the time is going in the weekly summary.
comment Avoiding procrastination on university assignments
@Dmitry Things are kind of getting done, though sometimes poorly. My current situation is somewhat stressful, as I'm putting things off, or forgetting them. I'd like this to change so that I'm more in control.
comment Avoiding procrastination on university assignments
@Renan I work off my memory, such as it is, which is part of the problem. I sometimes forget things or mix them up, leading to a panic-mode push to finish an assignment or study for a test.
comment What tools/techniques are useful in managing notes in different physical/digital locations?
Good advice, capture where/when needed, and funnel the items into a single system for tracking.
comment Is there data on the effectiveness on mind-mapping?
Fair remark. I realized how useful mindmapping was (for me), and wondered if there was any research on it. That's all.