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comment Where can I get a custom designed notebook from?
You could design your own here: incompetech.com/graphpaper and generate a pdf you can take to be printed and bound.
comment Arranging next actions to figure out what to do next
I'm not using Excel, I'm using LibreOffice, but I think I may help. The trick is not to use the scatter option, but the line chart, and only graph the points, and then delete the points for the first series. That leaves the points for the second series, and those use the actual order of the list as the X-axis. Does that make sense?
comment Tickler file for email
I use followup.cc which does the same thing, but is a little simpler to use. Highly recommended.
comment Arranging next actions to figure out what to do next
Oleg's answer regarding the MIT concept works very well as the last step in this. You can use the graph as a stretegic guideline and then pick the 'big rocks' within the Important/Easy quadrant you'll attack. After those are done, re-graph and pick new rocks. Both systems are complementary.
comment How do I get myself out of bed in the morning?
I sleep for 6 hours at night, from 23:00 to 05:00, in accordance to the 90-minute increments sleep advice that's all over the web. I also take a 20 minute nap after lunch. It works for me, but it does take some control of your schedule.