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I'm Javed Ahmed. I am Muslim. I like myself. I will never self doubt myself. I will never believe any insult thrown at me. No matter what others say or think, I'm someone nobody else can be, I'm me! I'm one and unique in this world.

Javed Ahmed is a software engineer. Javed Ahmed has a B.E in Computer Sciences from Visveswariah Technological University (2007)


1)Believe in yourself as much as possible. You are going to meet people who will emotionally tear you apart, people who will tell you "you can't do it" or talk back of you "He can't do it". But believe it you are lot stronger then someones opinion. You are who you are, make the best of it. Because love is louder then hate.

2)If people talk behind your back then it's like they are eating flesh of a dead body.

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