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comment How can I organize my daily deals emails?
The original questions mentioned specials that I believe are only available in USA and Canada. Yipit covers those locations as well. I don't know what the special deals are for other parts of the world.
comment Well organized, still overloaded?
The idea as Dennis S says was definitely in the audio book version. I think the specific bit was that David asked the 'which level' question and the executive basically thanked him for his time. Like the old joke about plumber charging $0.50 for hitting the pipe with a hammer and $99.50 for knowing where to hit. David provided the 'where'.
comment How to efficiently use time during a long bus trip?
There is no 'answer' here, it should probably be more of a wiki of things to do in a restricted environment with weight limit. Then, I could add learning to tie knots to the list of suggestions (requirements: one book, one string). :-)
comment Peer review: my personal productivity system.
The matrix comes from a book called Political Savvy ( - ignore the awful website colours, the book is amazing). With the time allocation, do you actually get the time you blocked or you get interrupted? If you get interrupted and have to shift stuff around anyway, it may not be worth it beyond the normal Pomodoros.
comment Good at writing Todo lists, but awful at doing them
Are they truly tasks or are they actually projects? If they look like "repaint the flat" kind of tasks, they are too big/confusing for tasks. Using the right terminology would of course get you better answers as all the ones so far seem to assume that items on your list are actually actively doable.
comment Does a Trackball make you more productive?
@Hauser: WHERE? Seriously, I once bought a standalone IBM laptop keyboard that including Trackpoint. But it was expensive and they don't make it anymore. So, the advice, while useful is not easily actionable.
comment How do I get faster at typing when you already have a decent speed?
@Tom-Wijsman: I did not mean to imply that it is hard to set Dvorak up. Rather I meant that if you are using somebody's computer, they will have Querty. And it is not particularly socially acceptable to just reset their keyboard and/or add keyboard layout. It would be (in those circumstances) the kind of thing that gives geeks a bad name. I have enough problem with colleagues using French Canadian keyboard to just extend the feel into something completely different. And I did not even mentioned that you would have to be perfect touch-typist to use Dvorak on a keyboard with no stickers.
comment How do I get faster at typing when you already have a decent speed?
I like the idea of Dvorak, but I think the social costs overweight the individual benefits. For example if I want to type something on another person's computer. Or in public setup. Or if somebody needs to use my computer. And so on. I think Dvorak is effectively socially isolating, and I speak that from the experience of having a boss using Dvorak. Which is a pity, but does have to be considered.
comment How can I transform my cycling commute time into productive time?
A couple of people tried to make text-to-speech but it did not really have a business model attached. GMail to podcast is an interesting thought but would anyone pay for it (Free to Free, pay for conversion - I don't remember if that was one of the fifty 'free' ideas in the 'Free' book)
comment How can I finish writing my Thesis as fast as possible, when I don't believe in it anymore?
You may benefit from reviewing the answers to the 'Committing to worthwhile activity' question in this forum:… . Specifically, look around for communities of people supporting each other through dissertation process.
comment How to use Remember The Milk (RTM) to implement a GTD system?
I tried it and a list for each project was quite unwieldy and took too much screen real estate. Just think 20 work projects plus same for home. Plus RTM does not have regular expression searches over project names, so there was no easy way to say 'show me next actions on all work projects'. I am using instead tags with prefixes I can search for.