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Feel free to stalk my Internet name(s) if you wish - it's how I make most of my closest contacts these days. Just note that I don't really believe in social constructs when they get in the way of satisficing (or in the way of my goal of learning as much as possible).

Don't take anything I say/do too seriously. A lot of the things I do (that may look weird/stupid on the outside) are the types of things that help me adjust my posterior probability of various things - especially low probability events.Sometimes I hit on a jackpot/very interesting idea. I'm kind of messy since it helps facilitate creative destruction.

I have a lot of respect for all of the sciences. Tactically, I'm developing heuristics for rationality, impartiality, anti-laziness, and creation+identification+searching for what's relevant+reliable. Strategically, I just want to learn everything.

A lot of my thought processes involve my creating new hypotheses and refuting them on my own. I still document the thought process since it's important and may be important for future "true" hypotheses.

comment What are some good graphics tablets for writing math or physics equations?
Ah good points. Well, I finally got a Lenovo ThinkPad tablet, and while it has a capacitive stylus, it's actually still incredibly good for math/physics equations, perhaps due to the large size of the screen. I don't think any tablet is better for it, now that I'm using it.
comment What are some good graphics tablets for writing math or physics equations?
Oh okay - do you know where I could buy a super-thin stylus? Thanks! I do have a Wacom tablet, but my stylus is too fat for math.
comment How do I prevent my textbook's pages from “falling down” when I put the book on a bookstand?
Wow - good example! What are some examples of such bookstands that I could buy?