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Pongtonkerous! I am a developer and I code. Primarily develop in C# and Ruby, some enforced SQL, with a bit of iPhone objective-C thrown in for fun.

comment How to concentrate (read a book or work) when other people are talking instead of listening to their conversation?
It also makes a big difference to trace along the line you are reading with your finger.
comment How to motivate people to self-improve themselves?
@M.K Of course they worked thats why marketing departments around the world spend billions refining these techniques. The key is using the right trick in the right place. If you can empathize with the other person and you know they cant take criticism, then dont use it, it won't work. Use something else.
comment Always sleepy, tired and not focused
Do you exercise and how good is your diet? Do you have any allergies that you know of?
comment How to stop talking LOUDLY to myself?
certainly not! I find the sort of people who talk to themselves to be generally less reserved and have a bright personality who are a pleasure to be around. It is not something to be embarrassed of, the world needs more people like you!
comment How to stop talking LOUDLY to myself?
Just enjoy it as a part of your character and be proud of who you are!
comment Does listening to music help or hurt productivity?
@bckbck was that written by someone that likes classical music?