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comment How to divert your mind from the continuos process of thinking?
I'd second this. Also, keep a work journal and a notebook handy. As your last task in the work day, write down all items you are working on, any thoughts, guesses, theories, followups... Learn to trust that the book has those things written down so you don't have to remember them. That would keep them churning in your mind and keep your brain buzzing when it should be resting. Next day, trust and read and reload your job/thoughts/ideas/projections... from your journal. The notebook and pen/pencil you should always have on you just in case something pops up - write it down.
comment The productive label printer
Per GTD, labeling looks better. If done right, it can look like a table of contents when looking at your files... Handwritten labels look messier, less professional. Labeled folders when put on a table and your colleagues/clients see it, looks like you've got your act together tighter.